Stem Cell Therapy Treatment

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Stem cells are the source of some of modern medicinal research’s most enticing promises. Your stem cells are unique in that they can be “programmed” to turn into virtually any other kind of cell in the body. They can, at least in theory, be used to create heart tissue, muscle tissue, joint tissue, and so much more. Because of this, stem cells are future of medicine, and we believe that many pain, orthopedic, and sports medicine professionals will soon be using stem cells as easily as they use prescription medication and surgery today.


How does it work? Once properly activated and implanted, the cells recognize the injury and work together to heal it. The PRP or PPP analyzes the injury and tells the stem cells how to fix it. Then the stem cells become the type of tissue that is needed to replace the injured or damaged tissue.


The result is that you get new, undamaged tissue that will feel and function just as it did before the injury: maximum function with minimum pain.

The Advantage of Stem Cell Therapy

If you’ve suffered from a ligament or joint damage like an ACL tear, MCL tear, meniscus tear, or rotator cuff tear, or if you need knee replacement or shoulder, hip, neck, back, elbow, or any other orthopedic surgeries, we believe that stem cell treatment is a better option than surgery. Here’s why:


• After stem cell treatment, your body repairs and heals itself. You will generate new cartilage and ligaments, giving you the same feel and function you had before the injury.
• You’ll enjoy a faster healing time. Your body only needs to heal the original injury, not the trauma of surgery in addition to the injury.
• Your own original, actual tissue is much better for your body than anything surgery can create.
• You won’t have to take powerful, risky medications to manage your pain as you heal. The more powerful the medicine, the more powerful the side effects – so it’s good to avoid them if you can.
• Best of all, we are using your own body to heal you. There are no side effects.


In fact, stem cell treatment can be so effective that you might even be able to use it to replace back and neck surgeries as well as ligament and tendon surgeries. Even if you’re facing a hip or knee replacement, it’s worth the time to look into stem cell treatment. Some patients have been able to avoid these surgeries entirely thanks to stem cell treatment.


Are you a professional athlete? Then you definitely want to learn more about stem cell treatment. Thanks to stem cells, many athletes who would have suffered career-ending injuries can now be back up to near-full performance in only a few short weeks. We can help you play the sport you love longer while still being able to enjoy a healthy, active retirement.


All of that being said, the most important thing to remember about our stem cell treatment is that the cells are autologous, or obtained from your body. We do it this way to reduce or even eliminate the risk of rejection. Your body will attack any foreign object, because your immune system can’t tell the difference between a splinter that could be covered in germs and a sterile titanium screw used to stabilize a joint. It sees both as invaders and responds accordingly.


So you’re probably wondering where these stem cells come from. We take them from two different parts of the body: the adipose tissue, or fatty tissue, and bone marrow. Learn a bit more about both below.











Adipose Tissue

If you’re over 50, we recommend taking stem cells from adipose tissue. We harvest the stem cells in a procedure something like a mini-liposuction. Using special equipment, we access the adipose tissue directly below the skin. When we take out the adipose tissue, the stem cells come with it. (You also get to lose a little bit of that stubborn belly fat, which you might see as a bonus!)


Why do we recommend this particular method for patients over 50? First of all, it’s less invasive and easier for you. We only need a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable while the stem cells are harvested. Secondly, doctors have found that the quality of bone marrow tends to decline due to age and chronic illnesses, which older patients are more likely to be dealing with. Finally, our doctors can find 100-1000 times more stem cells in fatty tissue, making it possible to complete your stem cell harvesting, PRP/PPP creation, and ultimate treatment on the same day. After all, you have a busy life to return to – we want to help you end the pain as soon as possible.


Once we’ve taken the adipose tissue, we are able to use our advanced centrifuges to separate the stem cells from the fatty tissue. The result is a concentrated mix of stem cells we can then combine with PRP or PPP in order to deliver results for you.










Bone Marrow

If you are under 50, we will probably take the stem cells from your bone marrow. This is because before age 40 or so, your highest concentration of stem cells will be in the bone marrow. After your 40th birthday, that number starts to go down, depending on your health and genes.


You don’t have to worry about the procedure: it’s designed to be minimally invasive. We will carefully insert a special needle and syringe directly into your bone marrow. We quickly take the tissue we need and remove the needle, covering the area with surgical tape and gauze. While we can’t predict how much pain you’ll experience – though for record, most patients don’t experience much at all – we can use topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort. After the procedure is complete, most patients just report a bruise-like pain.


Before we decide whether to use stem cells from bone marrow or adipose tissue, we’ll perform a complete medical history and workup to determine which is best for you. We will take into account the nature and extent of your injury. These stem cells can have some slight differences, so we may tailor the type of stem cells we use to your particular treatment. For instance, if you’re seeking relief for arthritis in your hip, you may need a mix of both bone marrow and adipose stem cells. Our doctors have access to the latest research and the most advanced medical theories, so we can tailor this cutting-edge treatment to meet your specific needs.










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This is the future of medicine. Our doctors firmly believe that in a few more years, many doctors and patients will be horrified by the surgeries we used to make patients endure. You’ve probably heard of other old-time medical treatments that aren’t used anymore because something better has come along. We believe that surgery for joint damage is going the same way – and you can be part of the process.


If you come to the National Stem Cell Clinic, you won’t have to wait for “soon” to become “now.” You can access this powerful healing today. Our doctors already have the tools and expertise to mix stem cells with PRP or PPP, implant them directly at the site of your injury, and help your body to heal.


Our doctors would be happy to talk with you in more detail about our stem cell treatments and how they can be used to heal your pain without the risks and downtime of surgery. We can diagnose the cause of your pain, recommend a treatment, and fully explain the procedure. We’re proud to be able to boast about our success rates of over 95% with this procedure.


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