How Stem Cells Helped Relieve Larry's Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain affects mobility to a great degree since shoulder rotation is necessary for so many physical tasks. Your rotator cuff determines your ability to grab objects and reach overhead. People over the age of forty and people who use their rotator cuff daily are both at risk of injury. Stem cell treatment is a new alternative to surgery, and it has a success rate of over 85%. Read on to learn about one of the stem cell shoulder repair reviews we received from a patient.

The Patient’s Shoulder Issue

Larry Slone suffered from this type of pain in both shoulders for over three years before reaching a solution. Before treatment, extending his arm upward above his shoulder would result in sharp pain. Reaching for items, making turns while driving and parking were all painful events because of the limitations of his shoulders. His stem cell review is overwhelmingly positive since this procedure eliminated his pain.

Our Patient's Story


Sloane visited an orthopedic surgeon who suggested shoulder replacement surgery on both sides. Sloane had previously had both knees replaced, which was a painful, stressful event for him. After the surgeries, he spent a lot of time in physical therapy, and he still had a lot of pain.

He first visited Dr. Sadeghi for headaches, but during a visit, he mentioned his shoulder replacement surgery, and the doctor told him about a potential alternative. Sloane was interested in a solution that might have a shorter recovery time and put less stress on his body. After heading more about it, Sloane decided to have stem cell shoulder repairs on both sides.

What Is the Stem Cell Procedure Like?

The procedure uses stem cells to treat the body. Stem cells are unique because they can turn into other types of cells. Doctors use this quality to create tissue to replace damaged tissue in the body. After stem cells are implanted via injection, they recognize the injury in your body and help to mend the tissue or muscle tears, creating new tissue.

The stem cells used for procedures are taken from your own body. For patients under 50, the stem cells will likely be taken from bone marrow. For those over 50, adipose, or body fat, is usually used instead because it is less invasive.


At 68, Sloane had a smooth shoulder stem cell recovery and is now able to perform everyday tasks comfortably. Reaching for items on shelves, driving, and even lifting 50-pound sacks of livestock feed are all painless. He went on to get stem cell therapy for his neck as well. Sloane states that after his treatment, the pain has gone away, and “I don’t really have hardly any limitations whatsoever.”

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