Prolotherapy Doctors Providing Treatment for Nerves

Are you experiencing pain that doctors have a hard time finding the cause of? Maybe you’ve been told that you’re suffering from nerve damage or neuropathy. Nerves are the body’s signaling system, transmitting information from the body to the brain and back again. One of the most important signals they send is pain – so if your nerves have a problem, they might be expressing that problem by putting you in pain.

You want the pain to stop, and we’re here to help with a specialized treatment: neuro-prolotherapy, also known as perineural injection. This treatment builds on prolotherapy, a type of injection therapy that has been used to treat pain in tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue since the 1940s. By injecting a special mixture of dextrose and other sugars into painful or damaged tissues, doctors create a carefully controlled proliferative inflammation that spurs your body to heal itself.

Dr. Lyftogt from New Zealand, who is a well-known prolotherapist, discovered that injecting dextrose at a much lower concentration around inflamed nerves that cause pain can actually help reduce or eliminate nerve inflammation. He called this procedure neuro-prolotherapy, and later he renamed it perineural injection. Over the past several years, he and other doctors around the world have been performing neuro-prolotherapy and helping to improve this technique. The doctor performing perineural injection needs to have detailed and precise knowledge of nerves and their path, but as long as the doctor knows what he or she is doing, it is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools in the fight against pain. It is free of side effects, and the effects are felt almost immediately. How many other medical treatments have such astounding results?

When you think about it, the advantage of neuro-prolotherapy is simple. We stop your pain at its source. Imagine what you can do if you don’t have to deal with the pain every day. We’re here to make that happen for you.

What Our Neuro-Prolotherapy Doctors Can Treat

Your pain will ultimately dictate whether neuro-prolotherapy is right for you. If our doctors can find direct, measurable damage to one of your joints or tendons, we’ll recommend treating that damage directly. However, if we can’t find any damage, and if other facts in your history and symptoms indicate that the pain is nerve-based, neuro-prolotherapy may be the effective treatment you’ve been looking for. In some instances, your pain may be the result of many different factors, and you may need a mixture of different treatments carefully choreographed to fit your needs.
Our doctors have used neuro-prolotherapy to treat all of the following:

Knee Pain • Shoulder Pain • Neck Pain • Hip Pain • Muscle Injuries • Tennis Elbow • Bell’s Palsy • Face Pain • TMJ • And More!

The results speak for themselves. Our doctors find that 96% of our patients experience great results. How many other treatments for your pain offer those odds?










How It Works

Our doctors will inject a mixture of dextrose and saline directly under your skin, in strategic places near the source of the pain. This procedure is minimally invasive and involves very little discomfort. It has no side effects. Thanks to our advanced knowledge in the art of injection, we can usually complete the treatment in 15-30 minutes. You should be able to return to normal* activities directly after the injection.

Meanwhile, while you are going about your normal life, the injection is spurring healing deep inside your nerves. This healing can work in two ways. One is reducing inflammation around your nerve endings. Other treatments like anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections often don’t work on this type of inflammation, but neuro-prolotherapy can create astounding results. Once the inflammation starts to subside, you’ll notice significantly reduced pain, and with that, better function. However, the procedure may need to be repeated a few times to achieve a full and sustained result.

In addition to reducing inflammation, the injection may also block certain receptors on the nerve endings that receive and transmit pain messages. With the receptors blocked, pain signals cannot make their way to your brain – which means that you’re not feeling pain.

You will probably need 6-8 injections to see the best results, but obviously, this number could be different based on a wide range of factors. Everybody’s different! Our doctors will carefully evaluate your medical history, the cause of your injury, and the type of pain you’re experiencing to determine the best treatment for you. Hopefully, you’ll get back to enjoying life pain-free sooner than you thought was possible.










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Now is the time to put your pain to the side and get back to the life you were meant to lead. If you have tried to relieve your pain with other treatments and haven’t seen much improvement, we may have the solution for you. Learn more about our therapy options and make an appointment today!

*We want to emphasize that you should return to normal activities after your neuro-prolotherapy treatment. Now isn’t the time to try something draining or strenuous.