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At the National Stem Cell Clinic, we are passionate about managing pain in an organic way that results in greater quality of life. We go beyond your symptoms to identify and effectively diagnose and treat core issues core issues that other modalities miss. We understand that your pain prevents you from functioning at your best and can impact your mood and general outlook, and we seek to provide you with quality, holistic care. Our regenerative medicine practice targets the root cause of your chronic pain and identifies an individualized treatment plan that works best for you.
Our team of specialized doctors are experts in the field of regenerative medicine. We have focused our practice on modalities that properly target and treat the underlying triggers of chronic pain and use your body to fight on your behalf. Our innovative treatments and cutting edge technology result in a higher rate of success for our patients without invasive procedures.
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We threat chronic, debilitating pain

Of the 252 million adults living in the United States, nearly 20 percent of those suffer from chronic pain*. As one of the United States’ top 50 most populated cities, Miami is home to more than a few of these individuals. We’re here to help those struggling with the effects of chronic pain to restore some normalcy to their lives with stem cell treatments, so they can return to enjoying the warmth of the southern Florida sun without being held back by their conditions.
At the National Stem Cell Clinic in Miami, we specialize in the specific issues that result in chronic pain.Many of our clients come to us with chronic pain in the following areas:
Neck Pain
Hip Pain
elbow pain
wrist pain
back pain
shoulder pain
Lower Back Pain
carpal tunnel pain
ankle & foot pain
hair loss / baldness

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To learn more about our Miami office, how we use stem cell technology, and the type of pain relief we offer in this location, call us at number below, visit our office on Douglas Road, email us, or fax us.
2344 South Douglas Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33134
Telephone:(786) 808-2038
HOURS: Monday – Friday8:30AM-5PM


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