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Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

No matter where the pain might be coming from – an aching knee, sore elbow, stiff shoulder, or throbbing ankle – you’ve come to us because you want it to end. Plus, you know that many of today’s medical treatments simply aren’t doing the job. Prescription painkillers have dangerous side effects and carry an uncomfortably high risk of addiction. Surgery will put you out of commission for days or weeks, and you’re worried that something might go wrong.


National Stem Cell Clinic is the right place for you.


Our premise is simple: we’ll bring tomorrow’s innovative treatments to you today. You’ll get to enjoy the absolute latest, most advanced stem cell technology available to doctors today. Every step of the way, your treatment will be guided by the most cutting-edge equipment and the best-trained medical professionals. Thanks to our expertise, we’re able to offer relief from some of the most stubborn pain.


In short, you get the best chance for the best possible results – with success rates of 85% and higher. Other doctors can usually only offer success rates of 60%.


We are so dedicated to offering the most advanced, up-to-date treatment that we travel all over the world to learn the latest techniques. Even better, we fit our treatments to the patients, offering each patient the best stem cell innovation for their particular needs.


You’ll get to take your pick of some of the most advanced treatments available today: regenerative treatment, stem cell treatment, prolotherapy, and neural-prolotherapy. All of them are founded on the same simple principle: using your body’s own cells to heal yourself from the inside out.


What to learn more? We invite you to learn more about these innovative treatments by reading below. You can get more in-depth information by clicking on the links. Then, when you’re ready, we invite you to give us a call to set your first appointment in Miami or Houston, TX.

PPP & PRP Injection Treatment
Our Success Rate: 86%

Your body has an amazing capability to heal itself, which is why regenerative treatment is at the heart of everything we do. Modern medicine is founded on assisting your body’s healing process. What our doctors do is take it one step further, using your own cells to trigger deep healing, allowing you to return to pain-free function.

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Stem Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine
Our Success Rate: Over 92%

What is stem cell and regenerative medicine?   Regenerative medicine seeks to replace tissue or organs that have been damaged by disease, trauma, or congenital issues, vs. the current clinical strategy that focuses primarily on treating the symptoms.


How stem cells are used in regenerative medicine? Which types of stem cells are candidates for regenerative medicine? The choice depends on the patient, the condition we are treating and what we are trying to achieve. Your OWN adult stem cells are always preferred for injected treatment. There’s no risk of infection from things like HIV or Hepatitis, and there’s no risk of rejection, whether the stem cells come you’re your own bone marrow or fat.


Exosomes are used when we want to achieve results in places that there are barriers. Exosomes can pass the blood/brain barrier when other cells cannot, making them an exciting possibility for treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, post-COVID syndrome — anything related to the nervous system or brain. Exosomes can also be used for anything that is delivered by IV.


What is the success rate of stem cell therapy?  Our overall success rate is above 92% and about 75% of our patients see significant improvement after just one course of treatment. Some do need another PRP treatment as follow up, or perhaps treatment of other areas. A course of laser therapy after stem cell implants can improve the results by creating new pathways for blood flow and energy in that area so the cells get more active, which leads to better and faster healing.

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Our Success Rate: 85%

Maybe some of your joints are weak or in pain because of years of overuse. If that’s the case, prolotherapy might be the answer for you. We use a specially formulated substance, injected directly at the site of your pain, to create a mild injury that triggers your body’s natural healing response. After a series of injections, you should experience deep healing and pain-free or significantly reduced pain function.

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Our Success Rate: 87%

If the source of your pain is from nerves, not a damaged joint, neural-prolotherapy might be your best treatment option. We use the same principle involved in prolotherapy (injecting a specially formulated substance to create a small, controlled injury and trigger your body’s healing response) to heal damaged nerves. Your nerves are the ultimate source of pain and discomfort, so by treating the problem at the source, we can help you enjoy long-lasting relief and deep healing.


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