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National Stem Cell Clinic - Houston

National Stem Cell Clinic – Houston

At the National Stem Cell Clinic, we are passionate about managing pain in an organic way that results in greater quality of life. We go beyond your symptoms to identify and effectively diagnose and treat core issues that other modalities miss. We understand that your pain prevents you from functioning at your best and can impact your mood and general outlook, and we seek to provide you with quality, holistic care. Our regenerative medicine practice targets the root cause of your chronic pain and identifies an individualized treatment plan that works best for you.

Our team of specialized doctors are experts in the field of regenerative medicine. We have focused our practice on modalities that properly target and treat the underlying triggers of chronic pain and use your body to fight on your behalf. Our innovative treatments and cutting edge technology result in a higher rate of success for our patients without invasive procedures.

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We Treat Chronic, Debilitating Pain

At the National Stem Cell Clinic in Houston, we specialize in the specific issues that result in chronic pain. Chronic pain can occur in varying degrees of severity in different parts of the body. Many of our clients come to us with chronic pain in the following areas:

Why Are These Treatments Effective?

Platelets and plasma are components of blood along with red and white blood cells. Platelets release growth factors to stem cells. Stem cells receive the proteins known as growth factors from platelets and then act dynamically within your body’s system. They have the ability to develop into virtually any other cell in your body, which is how your body heals itself.

Our treatments create a catalyst for your body’s cells to activate and heal. The procedure extracts platelets and stem cells from one part of your body and transport them to the area in need of healing. Not only does this method avoid invasive procedures and prescriptions for potentially addictive substances, but it’s also more successful. Our patients report an 86% rate of success with their treatment plans, which is 26% better than what most other doctors report.

About Our Houston Stem Cell Therapy Clinic

If you’re looking for a regenerative medicine practice to combat your chronic pain, here is more information about our Houston office. Located in West Houston, just east of Memorial City Mall, we are right next to Interstate 10 and across the road from the Village Plaza at Bunker Hill. Call to schedule your appointment today.

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If you’re looking for our stem cell therapy Houston services, you can find us immediately west of the Hedwig Village Shopping Center, near Marshalls and Buffalo Wild Wings. Here’s where to go:


From the WEST: Our Houston stem cell therapy offices are a 20-minute drive from Katy, TX. To reach us from the west, take U.S. Interstate 10 (Katy Fwy) going east. Follow exit 758 onto Interstate 10 Frontage Road and cross the intersection of Bunker Hill Road. We are inside of the Independent Bank Building.


From the EAST: If you’re traveling from central or east Houston, you can reach our clinic from Interstate 10. Follow Interstate 10 (Katy Fwy) west through Houston until you reach Hedwig Village. Take exit 758 and turn left on Bunker Hill Road heading towards the Independent Bank Building.


From the NORTH: If you live in Aldine, Texas, or Houston’s northern suburbs, you can reach us easily from U.S. Interstate 10. First, take Interstate 45 south to Interstate 610 going west. From I-610, follow exit 11 to get onto Katy Fwy traveling west. After that, take exit 758 for the Independent Bank Building.


From the SOUTH: If you live in Missouri City or Pearland, Texas, the fastest way to find our clinic is by taking Sam Houston Tollway N or Hwy 8 to the northwest. Continue north and merge onto U.S. Interstate 10 going east. Follow I-10 for approximately 1.5 miles and take exit 758 to the Independent Bank Building.

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