Hair Loss Treatment

Thinning or missing hair can make life uncomfortable for a lot of people. If you have thinning hair, and you want to get that full, thick head of hair back, we can help.

Our  treatments can stimulate the hair follicles you thought were dormant, leading to increased hair growth and thicker, fuller hair! Whether you’ve recently had hair follicles implanted or you want to try to restart your natural hair follicles, our PRP, exosome or stem cell treatments may be able to help. The growth factors in these all-natural substances may be just what you need to bring those follicles (and your hair) back to life.

See for yourself how much better your life gets when you can fully enjoy your hair again. Contact us today to learn more about our treatments for hair loss.

Why Does Hair Loss Happen?

Why do some people have a full head of hair well into their 90s, but others start balding at age 30? Hair growth takes into account several factors. These include protein cells, productive follicles, oil, blood, and growth factors. Missing just one of these can begin the process of hair loss. Getting older, certain illnesses and other issues can trigger that hair loss. It generally begins with thinning hair and slow growth and eventually comes to a complete stop.

Baldness and Thinning Hair Treatment

If you’re not happy with the way your looks, you don’t have to worry anymore. Hair loss does not have to be your permanent new look. Recent advancements offer several options, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment for hair loss, exosomes for hair loss and stem cell treatments for hair loss.

What is PRP Treatment and How Does It Help to Grow Hair?

Platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair loss is a therapy in which we draw your blood, process it, and then inject it back into your scalp. Your scalp is numbed during this process. We use a very thin needle to inject the PRP into the subdermal layer and then microneedle the scalp. The growth factors in  PRP triggers hair growth as the blood supply is increased. The follicles begin to produce hair again. The hair shaft thickens, and before long, you will start to see significant hair growth.

PRP treatment for hair loss requires three sessions, each four to six weeks apart, to get optimum results. Each session consists of a blood draw, a separation, and the scalp injection.

Stem cell treatment for hair loss and exosome treatment for hair loss use similar processes and are much more powerful than PRP alone in treating thinning hair. They contain additional messages from your hair cell’s ancestors that help them be even more effective in regenerating hair follicles and stimulating hair growth.

Stem cells are drawn from your own body fat or bone marrow; exosomes are extremely concentrated stem cells sourced from ethical donations including cord blood.  Both are safe and have very little risk of side effects. They are injected into your numbed scalp the same way that PRP is and may only need one treatment. Evaluation after 6 weeks will determine if a second treatment is needed.

It’s important to know that, if you’re completely bald, exosomes may help, but you aren’t likely to get a full head of hair. In those cases, we recommend combining exosomes with hair transplants, and beginning those treatments as soon as possible. Exosomes can strengthen your remaining hair follicles to help remaining hair grow healthier and stronger, making it a better source for transplant.

Some people who want transplants don’t qualify because their hair isn’t strong enough. Treating the donor area with exosomes can strengthen it and increase the chances of a successful transplant.

How Can Stem Cell Treatments Alleviate Scalp Pain and Itchiness?

Sometimes thinning hair causes scalp pain or itching. When you lose hair, it is typically due to unproductive follicles. Over time, or due to disease, the follicles start to close up. This prevents new hair growth from them. It’s thought that without hair in the follicles, the nerves send messages to the brain, which then feels pain similar to phantom pain.

Irritation and itching are also common among those with hair loss and is often the result of a dry scalp. How can the National Stem Cell Clinic help with this pain and irritation? By bringing the hair back. Stem cell therapy for hair loss is a new procedure with promising results. It’s safe, and it’s effective.

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