Stem Cell Therapy for Ankle & Foot Pain

Ankle sprains are very common among professional athletes, but the truth is that anyone can suffer them. All it takes is one slip on wet pavement or tripping on one of the kids’ toys. Some medications, such as a certain group of antibiotics, can cause ankle tendonitis and pain. Whether your injury occurred on the field or simply as a result of life, ankle pain can make it hard and painful to walk, run, and enjoy life.

Let our doctors and their PRP and stem cell treatments get you back to normal life. We can find out exactly where your ligaments have been torn or sprained. Then, we’ll inject a mix of PRP and stem cells exactly at the site of your injury. The PRP assesses the injury and releases growth factors that instruct the stem cells what to do. Then, the stem cells turn into the kinds of cells needed to heal the damage. It’s as simple as that.

An injured ankle doesn’t have to be your Achilles heel. Whether you want to return to running touchdowns or chasing the kids through the sprinklers, we can help you get back to that normal life. Give us a call today to set your appointment!

Treatment for Your Ankle & Foot Pain

At the National Stem Cell Clinic, we don’t just want to mask your symptoms or even fix the problem invasively. Our goal is to help your body heal itself. This is the best way to ensure long lasting results for your healing. Stem cell and PRP treatments are not only highly effective but also require very little downtime and leave you free of many risks and the negative side effects of surgery and medications. It is nearly impossible for surgery to produce a perfectly functional repair on ankles or feet. Sometimes, they even make more surgeries necessary. We want to save you the pain, time, stress, and uncertainty of traditional ankle pain treatment and offer you the chance to make your life truly pain free.

Using the Power of Your Body to Heal You

The human body has amazing capabilities for healing itself. Sometimes, however, your body can’t harness those capabilities as well as they once did. This decrease in effective self-healing happens increasingly as you get older. Stem cell and PRP, platelet-rich plasma, procedures harness the body’s healing power, magnify it, and focus it on a specific, targeted location. We give your body what it needs to use familiar and completely natural components to regenerate damaged and missing cells.

Platelets help blood clot and contain proteins that aid in healing the human body called growth factors. Ordinarily, platelets activate when a wound is detected in the body and begins the healing process. A PRP procedure isolates platelets from your blood through centrifugation and uses plasma to make a solution that can be injected back into your body. Once this occurs, the platelets begin their usual function, but the high concentration of the injection increases their effects to speed up and magnify the regeneration process. At the National Stem Cell Clinic, our success rate with these procedures is 86%.

Stem cells also have incredible potential for healing, but their function is more expansive than that of platelets. Stem cells have the amazing capability to turn into other types of cells throughout the body. We harvest your stem cells from bone marrow or fatty tissue to be inserted into the area of injury. Then they can transform into and replace the damaged cells to recover the original health of the joint. This method is very effective for foot pain treatment. Our success rate with stem cell treatments is even greater than that of PRP.

Our Treatments Compared to Traditional Treatments

Ankle and foot pain is often difficult to address because there are so many small bones that have to align perfectly for healing to occur properly and result in pain-free movement. Even after medicine or more invasive treatments, many patients experience pain, discomfort, or altered levels of functionality. This is the result of human measures that cannot reverse damage or repair it to the extent that the body can do for itself.

With traditional procedures, an ankle injury could require surgery to screw parts of the ankle in place for sufficient support. This method severely and permanently limits the range of motion. Replacements and fusions are painful in and of themselves, require long recovery times, and often fail to truly solve the problem. Even steroid shots merely mask the symptoms without aiding the body’s natural healing processes.

The National Stem Cell Clinic uses cutting edge technology and highly trained specialists to help you avoid the risks and additional pain of traditional treatments. Our clinic uses stem cell therapy to great effect, and many patients have already found relief through the process. Contact us today if you have any questions about the process or want to learn more about the source of your back pain.  The Human Body is a formidable mechanical machine and every part of it is dependent on other parts in order to function properly.  Simply put you cannot look at the foot or back as independent units and treat as such.  The ankle and foot are a continuation of the hip and knees.  What happens with the hip and knees affect the foot and ankle and vice versa.  This principle is called biotensegrity. This is what sets National Stem Cell Clinic apart from most other Stem cell centers.  Our in-depth understanding of biotensegrity, our internationally renowned expertise in Regenerative medicine, and most importantly our compassion is what makes us different and unique.  Contact us today and let us help you like we help thousands to achieve a future free from ankle/foot pain.