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About National Stem Cell Clinic

Severe and chronic pain can derail your entire life. It’s hard to throw yourself into living life to the fullest when you’re dealing with chronic pain. The pain can be like a ball and chain: constantly dragging behind you, always holding you back.

At National Stem Cell Clinic, we believe that we have the key to set you free.

Meet Our Doctors


Our treatments are on the cutting edge of medicine. We know that you’re nervous about the surgery since it is risky and could prevent you from enjoying normal activities for days or weeks. Even more importantly, we know that the results of surgery are not always favorable, but are always permanent. We all know someone who has had surgery left them with reduced function instead of fixing the problem. Our stem cell natural treatments don’t do that. Instead of altering your body’s function, we simply create circumstances so your body can regenerate itself.


We know too that prescription painkillers, with their dangerous side effects and high risk of addiction, are not the answer you’re looking for. You don’t want to simply mask the pain; you want to eliminate it and heal the damage that’s causing the pain. That’s why we’re offering a better answer, one that unlocks your body’s healing potential and brings it directly to the source of the pain.


Beyond simply offering the treatments, we know how to make them work for over 85% of our patients. We’ve mastered medical techniques that other physicians are only just finding out about. Our doctors are truly the experts in this emerging field, and we’re using our expertise every day to help patients enjoy pain-free lives.


But while our advanced treatments are a crucial part of what allows us to deliver astounding results to our patients, the truth is that they’re only one of the causes of our success. There’s another reason why patients have such good results with us, and that reason is our philosophy and approach.











Our Philosophy

Put simply, we place you first. We’re here to bring an end to your pain on your terms. We listen. We understand. We help.


You are an individual. “Protocol” or “standard” treatments treat you like a number and do not respect your individuality. That’s why we’ll tailor your regenerative and stem cell therapy treatment to meet your needs and goals. We use your own cells as your medicine. We carefully monitor your treatment and make adjustments based on how your body reacts. We’re here to help you – and at the end of the day, nothing is more important than that.


So with all of that being said, here is what you can expect when you come to National Stem Cell Clinic:


We understand that you have come to us because of the pain. This is difficult for you, but you’ll always find a sympathetic ear with us. We’re here to make things easier.


Tell us your symptoms, how the pain started, and what treatments you’ve tried before. We want to fully understand your problem so that we can find the best solution.

Comprehensive Diagnosis

Whether you come to us with an aching knee or a sore shoulder, our goal is to get to the root cause of your pain. We don’t just take an inventory of your symptoms and label your condition. We’ll complete a full work-up with laboratory tests, MRIs, and more, so we can pinpoint the precise cause of your pain.

Individualized Treatment

Your pain is not the same as the pain of the person sitting next to you in the waiting room. Your treatment shouldn’t be the same, either. We’ll create a treatment plan just for you.

Advanced Treatments & Technology

Our treatments are the absolute latest in medicine, and we use the most up-to-date technology in order to carry them out. Our doctors have the expertise to bring tomorrow’s medicine to you today.

Our History

National Stem Cell Clinic was founded by Payman Sadeghi, MD as part of the Houston Headache Institute. A respected neurologist, Dr. Sadeghi has made his name treating patients with headaches. More importantly than that, he’s made his reputation by truly connecting with his patients.


Very early in his career, Dr. Sadeghi realized that the standard of care for patients suffering from headaches and other pain syndromes is not what it should be. Despite the many advances in medicine, most doctors give patients drugs that at most only mask the pain. In the process, most patients are treated unsuccessfully and lose the quality of life – which is something we all only get one chance to enjoy. The failure of these treatments creates frustrated patients and doctors. This is not a good combination. Besides being exposed to risky drugs, patients are put through surgeries, device implants, and other modalities that not only complicate the situation but further degrade their quality of life, causing more frustration and depression.


Dr. Sadeghi has always believed that if what doctors do is not working, then doctors should change course. If the rate of failure is higher than the rate of success, maybe we are looking at the problem from the wrong angle. Doctors should examine their theories. They should have a better understanding of the problem, the cause, and the diagnoses.


Over the course of his career, Dr. Sadeghi has come to understand that many sources of pain are connected. Thanks to this realization and his work with stem cells, he is now able to offer cutting-edge pain treatment for symptoms ranging from aching knees to painful shoulders, sore necks, and agonizing backs.


Dr. Sadeghi has founded a similar clinic in Miami, FL: The Miami Headache Institute & National Stem Cell Clinic. He was also named a 2016 Top Doctor in both Texas and Florida.

Mission Statement

The mission of National Stem Cell Clinic is to provide cutting-edge medical approaches through our expert medical philosophy that has revolutionized the treatment of pain and will only continue to evolve. As the 21st century brings new developments in the field of regenerative medicine, we commit to bringing the future of medicine to you. Our goal is to introduce new medical innovations through the use of Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapy. Within our organic vision, Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell therapy will allow patients to avoid unnecessary medical procedures while enjoying enhanced active, healthy lives.










Vision Statement

National Stem Cell Clinic will establish its position as the leading regenerative medicine healthcare facility in Southeast Texas and South Florida while ranking highly among the nation’s most trusted regenerative medicine organizations. In accomplishing this innovation, National Stem Cell Clinic will:


  • Embrace the true value of a medical innovation founded on the premises of organic biology – “From Your Body, To Your Body”
  • Provide inimitable services of excellence that build upon medical innovation, incomparable patient care, and cutting-edge medical techniques
  • Deliver an excellent clinical experience, driven by medical quality and expertise, empathy, and compassionate service

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